In the 1950’s a book was published by the Sunday Express, ‘Sunday Express Baby Book’ as a guide to pregnant and laboring women. A very clinical impression of birth is given but also the absolute lack of mention of the Father is striking.

"In the delivery room, white with bright lights, you will be taken from a hospital trolley to the delivery table. The nurses will be standing by with the doctor and with their gentle help and encouragement, aided by the science they have studied so long, your baby will be born."

Fortunately in the late 60’s and 70’s Dads became far more frequent as birthing partners. Some mark this change as the move away from home to hospital for births but also the changing roles of the sexes during this time. Now it is far, far more common for Dads to be present at birth than not, but do Dads know what they are doing?

Highly respected French surgeon and author of many books on natural birth, Michel Odent, suggests that Dads have a negative effect on birth and places some blame on Dads for the increasing rates of C-sections. He claims that women can be made to feel more anxious at births by the presence of their partners and this in turn lowers their oxytocin levels.

Whilst this may be true of unprepared Dads, a Dad that is fully prepared and knows his role during the birth boosts a Mum’s oxytocin levels and really helps a Mum relax and feel safe.

With Doula Daddy, Dads learn exactly how they can best support their partners, learn all about birth, learn what their role as birth companion and advocate are and helpful tips and techniques to use during the birth.